Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From the Bottom of my Heart

My first published book, No Mother of Mine, has been available as an eBook and in paperback for a few months now.  While I enjoyed writing the book and I’ve enjoyed reading it myself throughout the process of preparation for publication, there have always been questions in the back of my mind…will others also enjoy my story?  Will they fall in the love with the characters?  Will the plot and the storyline be enough to draw them in, keep them hooked and make them wanting for more?
If you haven’t read the reviews on Amazon yet, check them out if you are curious.  I enjoyed reading each review and while there are just under a handful yet, I hope to see the number of reviews increase as time goes on.  Except for the lucky few, this process takes baby steps; I just have to remember that fact.

When you publish a book your biggest fans are, of course, your family and friends.  I have been contacted by many of them either by text, e-mail, on Facebook, by phone and even in the middle of a store or parking lot.  The feedback I receive is either that they really enjoyed my book or that they are very excited for me and are happy to see me go after my dream.  Today I was stopped in the Target parking lot by an acquaintance who shared how happy she was for me and how she feels I motivate others.  She doesn’t know it but she made my day with just a few simple kind words.
My anxiety has been put to rest; while I know not everyone may give me a four or five star rating, the comments I’ve received have shown me I’m really on to something here.  Others have enjoyed my story and the characters.  The story has drawn them in and they are hooked and many have asked when the second book in the series will be available.  I’m working on it now but I can only guess on when it might be available…sometime next year is all I will commit to at this point.

Because I have thoroughly enjoyed the comments I have received from my friends and family, I thought I would share a few of them with you:
Just finished it over lunch and loved it.  Sally
FYI I am overly tired this morning…why you ask?  Oh there’s this book I couldn’t put down.  It’s one of those that you just need to keep reading because you need to know ‘what the heck?’  But heck I thought I had several things figured out at times and bam it twisted somewhere completely different!    Kim

I finished your book last night…Absolutely loved it!!  Awesome, can’t wait for the next one…  Peggy
I read the book and I'm hooked. I can't say enough about it…One of the best books that I have EVER read.  Barbara

Hi Paula, just finished your book. Great read! Are you done with the next one yet? :o)  Darrin
Hi Paula, I purchased the eBook yesterday on Amazon, started reading, and finished it just now. It was really a great book, you have done yourself well! :) I will look forward to your sequel to it and have already told friends about it and they are going to get one also.  Sherrill

Hey PJ, I just finished your book this morning! I really enjoyed it! Can't wait until the next one comes out!  Shelley
I enjoyed your book very much. Especially the little twists in there with the…(sorry, no spoilers allowed).  Patti

These types of comments motivate me to continue doing what I love and I appreciate each and every person who reaches out to me.  The feedback helps to eliminate any second-guessing, anxiety and even self-doubt, which come with the territory when what you have created with your heart and soul is being assessed and critiqued by anyone and everyone once you become brave enough to finally share your creation.  These feelings would not come into play if a writer’s chance at success did not completely depend on the likes and dislikes of others.  But the real truth is that your success after publishing is completely dependent on the likes of others.

A writer should write for themselves but the goal is also to get others to enjoy the book just as much as you do.  Even if it takes awhile for the fire to light after publishing, if you have a good solid story that others can enjoy and tell their friends about, eventually the domino effect will take hold.  That is a day I hold my breath for so in the meantime, I will write for myself and I will also write with the knowledge that it is those who enjoy my books who will continue to encourage and motivate me with their kind and thoughtful words.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.



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