Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April…my favorite month

I adore April.  Not only is it my birthday month, it’s also the month we enjoy spring break and around this time we get to enjoy Easter.  It also marks the beginning of a season I really enjoy.  The days are getting longer, the evenings aren’t as cold and the flowers are taking notice as they blossom and offer us their own cheerful hello. 

I enjoy the daffodils and other spring flowers but I always look forward to the Easter Lilies.  Not what you can buy in the store…I’m talking about the wild lilies that come up in various spots throughout the woods. To me, they are what represent the true beginning of spring and the changing of the seasons. 
When that happens, I know it means I can look forward to many things, such as planting my garden soon.  Last weekend when we were having some incredible spring weather, I was inspecting my garden and saw that my rhubarb is coming up. The sight of the new growth was a delight but I have to contain myself because it is much too soon for me to think about planting.

But it is getting close to the time I can get my hands dirty so that I can later enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor.  As the days get warmer, it also means there will be evenings to come when we can eat meals outside, enjoy a game of horse shoes and also a late night bon fire.  There will be more walks with the dogs down to the creek so they can refresh themselves in the cool water.  And there will be more opportunities to just soak up some sun.
I’m probably getting ahead of myself because it is only April.  After all, we still have April showers to contend with.  But it doesn’t take away from the longer days, the warmer nights and the fact that we’re moving ahead towards days filled with sunshine.  Even my dogs sense the change and easily get excited when they know I’m going outside to take photos, walk around the property or do some yard work.  They love hanging out with me when I go outside.  So what happens when they think it’s nice enough and expect that I’ll be heading outside soon but I don’t?  They may pout, as dogs can do so well.

And when a dog pouts and gives you a look like this, how the heck could you ever say no? 
Piper is pouting
I know I can’t.  These spring days are numbered so I’ll take advantage of them when I can.  I hope you get to do the same as well. 


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