Sunday, July 14, 2013

It may be Summer but I’ll be going dark soon…

Well, not completely dark, but dusk-like, at least.  The next few weeks my posts will be limited on content, not on schedule or completely absent all together.  With a 5-day book event coming up this week and other plans soon afterwards which will take up much of my free time, there will be little time to make room for blogging.
So I want to apologize beforehand for the fact that my schedule will be totally up in the air for a while. 

Even before I began the crazy schedule as a full-time working mother and writer, summer was always a pretty busy time of year for me.  I’ve only removed the hustle and bustle of a high school sports schedule from my agenda and added the never-ending task list involved with writing and marketing my books.  I can’t imagine how I could have begun writing at all if I was still planning my evenings and weekends around a football or basketball game schedule, booster club meetings or fundraiser events. 
Regardless, there are always seasons when we’re busier than others.  It just helps when you’re able to make concessions in order to avoid burnout. 

So, my concession to avoid that burnout is not to stress about my blog posts.  I’ll be updating my Facebook page when I can about how the Lakefair event is going this coming week.  I’ll also add photos here on my Blog if I’m able.  Either way, I’ll check in when I find the time but for those who are local, don’t forget to stop by to see me at my booth during Lakefair.  I’ll be selling signed copies of No Mother of Mine at Lakefair while promoting the second book in the series, Best Kept Secrets, due out later this summer.  If you’re looking for an excerpt of the second book in the series, hang tight.  I’m doing my best to make one available but it’s not likely to be ready for the Lakefair event.  If you don’t hold that against me, and even if you already have a copy of my first book, swing by to say hello.  I’d love the company.
Again, the upcoming event is Lakefair in downtown Olympia on Water Street from July 17th through July 21st.  Enjoy yourself as you wander about, snack on an elephant ear and discover the various arts and crafts on display.  The weather is going to be gorgeous so we’re looking forward to a good turnout. 

Wish me luck!


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