Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Settling In; when Transition brings Tranquility

The rain finally came today and I, for one, am pleased with it.  I love the smell of fresh rain.  I love the fact that my chore of watering the gardens was taken care of by Mother Nature.  I’m pleased that the dust on our long gravel drive will be less inclined to cling to my car.  And I especially enjoy a nice evening in with the family, after a nice meal (salmon cooked to perfection by my husband), with all of us tucked inside for the night in our warm cozy house.  Even the dogs are enjoying their time inside, not caring to venture out where the rain will only pelt them with fat raindrops.

The rain is here for only a short bit but I’m glad just the same.  A change in the weather, especially during such a dry season, is never a bad thing.

Thinking about the change in the weather made me realize other changes have proven to give me the same tranquil feeling as the rain…

With the completion of my second book, even though I still have a list of to-do’s to check off before it’ll be in print, I feel good about letting go of what I’ve created so that I can move onto the next story.  The transition between one book and the next is like a mini vacation as well as preparation for how much I’ll have to give of myself once I begin the next.  I’m very excited to start a new book and while I know I’m about to climb another mountain, I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds as the third book is brought to life.
I also recently took part in a large office move and I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it.  It was a change in circumstances and when you spend eight hours in one location, you really hope to feel comfortable with your surroundings.  I was comfortable where I was before.  I had no idea of what was to come and for me, that’s the biggest obstacle when it comes to agreeing to any sort of change.  Of course, I had no say in the matter so whether I liked it or not, we were moving.  I will say it was a difficult week getting moved and set up again and it has been quite a chore to catch up on what got behind while our computers were down.  However, now that we’re finally beginning to settle in, I will begrudgingly admit, I like our new digs. 

A change in the weather, a change in book projects and a change in location may have nothing in common except for the one small fact:  the transition involved with each has actually multiplied my sense of tranquility.  You’d think with all this change, I wouldn’t feel the slightest bit tranquil but each event has brought with it the acceptance of change so that I can settle in and look forward to what’s to come. 
Maybe as I get older I can continue to learn to adapt more easily to change, no matter what kind of change it might be.  These are big words spoken by someone like me but words I’ll venture to say just the same.  Perhaps I should also keep this tongue-twister of a quote in mind whenever I feel myself begin to dig in my heels in resistance to change:

          “Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the ways           things turn out.”  ~Art Linkletter~


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