Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tenino, as Jorja sees it...

When I first decided to write a series, I really didn’t have to think very long before I decided to use a real town as the setting where my characters would live and work.  The town of Tenino is a town close to my heart and one I know very well, which makes writing about it that much easier.  However, while I may refer to real local businesses or non-profits from time to time, I’m using the town of Tenino as the setting in name only, while the characters and most of the businesses in my books are fictional. 

I recently had a conversation with someone who read my first book and who is acquainted with the town of Tenino.  She admitted she had a difficult time trying to place the location of Books ‘N Brew (since Tenino doesn’t even have a book store), as well as a few other businesses I have added to my story.  That got me to thinking…I should create a map so everyone can see Tenino as Jorja sees it.  Whether you know Tenino or not, I can understand how reading about the placement of businesses and homes without being able to visualize them can be difficult without a little help. 

So I played around a bit and came up with this simple map…
It’s not to scale, in relation to the real town of Tenino, but it is based on the fictional town of Tenino as it has been created for the benefit of Jorja and the other characters.  While some buildings are in similar areas on the map as their real counterparts, I’ve dropped my fictional businesses smack in the middle of it all…Books ‘N Brew, Hillcrest, Sandra’s Salon & Spa, Dylan’s Sweet Delights, Courtney’s Courtyard and the Timely Independent.  I’ll add more businesses and maybe even give those generically in place an actual name, but for now, I hope it gives you a better visual of the fictional version of Tenino as Jorja sees it.

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