Sunday, December 15, 2013

Where will Jorja be shopping for the holidays?

Okay, Jorja is a fictional character but if she was a real person, where would she shop for the holidays?  While she would have many options available to her in the ‘fictional’ version of Tenino, she’d have many options available in the real town of Tenino, as well. 
Avoiding big crowds and traffic this time of year is a huge asset when trying to find just the right gift.  Jorja would agree that the best way to avoid those hassles is to shop local where she can walk from store to store before finally heading the short distance home.  Not only will she feel better about shopping local, she’ll be minus the headache she’d likely get from the constant traffic jams she’d find herself in if she were to head further north to shop at the retail stores or the mall.

First, before the Christmas shopping is to begin, Jorja and Ryan would take Nicholas out to Riverbend Ranch to choose and cut a tree to decorate.  Some might like artificial trees but Jorja loves the smell of the fresh pine aroma coming from the Douglas fir in her living room.  While visiting Riverbend Ranch, Jorja might also find some cute gift ideas or decorations in the newly built gift shop on site at the tree farm.
For holiday shopping, there are plenty of shops right in town where Jorja, Taylor, Ryan and the rest of the bunch can find great gift ideas.  Here are just a few examples:
While Jorja might still shop in the larger retail stores for some items, especially for toys and games Nicholas might have on his wish list, she’ll find more than a few ideas for her friends and family right in her own hometown. 

I hope you are enjoying your holiday shopping minus the headaches it can bring.  If you do find yourself near the town of Tenino, make sure to check out the local shops in town.  Decked out in their holiday finest, they’ll bring a smile to our face and some holiday cheer to your heart.  They might also surprise you with what they have to offer when it comes to finding just the right gift.
Happy gifting!

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