Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mystery subject is revealed!

Here are a few comments based on questions that have been asked of me since my first post:

First of all, thanks very much to everyone who has emailed me, sent me text messages or commented on my blog. I truly appreciate all the good luck wishes, nice words and overall faith in my abilities. You have made me fear much less the anxiety I had at baring my soul.

Since anxiety is a terrible thing to waste, let’s move on to the first question…when will my book be ready for you to read?

Any anxiety I have about this subject is based on the fact that I can’t yet answer the question. Although the book is finished, it’s really not finished. More to the point, it is not quite ready for everyone else to read. I am currently editing the first draft and will spend the next few weeks on that lengthy task to prepare my book for some upcoming contests I wish to enter as an unpublished author.

The key words here are “unpublished author.”

I cannot yet make the book available, whether by publishing it myself or selling it as an e-book, because I wish to remain qualified to enter the contests as an unpublished author. The contest winners receive cash prizes and book publication, which is not a bad return on the small entry fee if I were announced as a winner.

Talk about anxiety…waiting to hear back regarding contest results is a nail biter. I entered a short story contest the middle of November and won’t hear the results until possibility sometime later in February! If that contest ends on a positive note, you will hear it here first. If any work I submit to agents gets me any further in the game, you’ll certainly hear about that as well. Whether I win, lose or draw, you’ll hear about the status as I go along. My plan is to use this blog to show the ups and downs of an up and coming author.

Dare I dream the dream? You bet!

But wait, I digress…the next question was what kind of story did I write? Well, that I can tell you.

It’s a mystery novel. I’m sure that won’t be surprising to some. Murder, of course, plays a part in the plot. I wish I could say more but that will have to do for now.

I love mysteries, horror, suspense or just a good story about people whose lives I can totally get lost in. I hope someday my book will be recognized as a good mystery with a good story plot about people you can love but also some you can hate.

Here’s another question asked by quite a few…are my friends, family or a likeness of them in my book?

Maybe…but more like bits and pieces of what I like or don’t like in people is what I used to give real life to my characters. The book I just finished is the first of a series I wish to continue, with characters I have come to completely adore and will someday soon introduce to you.

There are more books I’d like to write, not relating to mysteries; one in particular I will start the end of this month along with the second book in my mystery series. In fact, while going over a few changes I needed to make in my first book, I came up with another new book idea! It doesn't end there…this is only a few of many more story ideas I have come up with. Time will tell which of them will make the cut.

With all the ideas running through my mind, is there any wonder how I ever sleep deep enough to really dream?

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