Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Construction Zone

It’s been a whole week since I’ve posted on my Blog.  Maybe you’ve noticed.  Maybe you haven’t.  To me, a week seems a long time when I usually post two to three times a week but I really did not have the extra time to blog.

It happens. Between work, home, and kids, the hours in each day just seem to shrink away, leaving little extra time to manage other things.
However, it is also more than that.  I’m in the middle of a construction zone.  Of book construction, that is.  I am constructing, I am building, and I am creating.  This is no surprise, correct?  But this is exciting.  There are more changes coming my way.

In addition to writing, the busyness of work, household and outside chores, and activities involving the boys, I have been especially busy with the final steps involved with preparing my first book for publishing.  This, I have to say, is more exciting than I thought was possible.
The final edit is complete…or as complete as it can be.  I believe if I let it, the editing process would turn into a black hole with no end in sight.  I could continue editing until the end of the year and still find areas of the story or the characters I want to add to or take away from.  It’s a small issue I have with wanting to attain perfection.  Eventually, though, you just have to have faith that what you have created is ready.  You have to believe that the construction of your creation is finally complete and as solid as it will ever be.

Now I’m on to bigger and better things; or rather, more exciting areas of the writing process.
Currently, I am working with a company to produce a cover for my book.  I’ve also put together a short description of my story which I would love to share with you…but it will have to wait until I make a final decision on the wording used in the description.  I’ll admit I can’t wait to share it with you.  I’ll be interested to hear whether the description does in fact peak your interest and leave you wanting more.

Also in the works will be the conversion of my book to an eBook format so that I can make my book available to you online through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  No matter what happens with the sales involving my book online, the whole process will certainly be very exciting.
The construction zone I’m knee deep in will also penetrate this Blog as I begin to make some changes here so if I don’t post as often the next week or so, bear with me as any absence will also be due to the time I am involved with that process. 

In the meantime, I just want to say that I completely appreciate all of you who continue to follow what I’m up to.  Whether you like to read, wish to write, or just follow me because you know me, I enjoy sharing my thoughts during this process.  I hope you are as excited about these latest developments as I am; although, I’m not sure if that’s possible because I am pretty excited!

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