Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Chapter in Life

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding yesterday.  Now that I think about it, this is the first wedding I’ve been to in quite some time.  This was a family wedding for a cousin of mine and I am extremely happy for him.  He is a very sweet and extremely smart individual who deserves only the best.  Having found someone special he can spend his life with, he is now moving on to a new chapter in his life. 

The scene for the wedding was Snoqualmie and if you’ve ever been in that area, you know how beautiful it can be.  We arrived early so we took some time to walk around town to see the sights, which did not take long because the town itself is small but it is very quaint and includes a charming train station and museum. 

The wedding was as I like them, short and sweet, and from there we moved on to the reception where we could spend time visiting as we enjoyed good food and cake, or in this case, cup cakes.  I was informed cup cakes at weddings are a new way of doing things.  They were all very cute and I was thrilled when one of the flavors was red velvet, my favorite.

June in the Pacific Northwest is no guarantee when it comes to the weather so it was no surprise when we were greeted with rain later in the afternoon.  Other than the dilemma of nice hairdo’s getting ruined or new clothes getting dirty, rain only dampens the ground, not the festivities.  Umbrellas are usually only in use by those who are not from around this area or, in this case, by a ladder apparently concerned about keeping the top rungs dry.

I never did find out why this ladder was standing out in the middle of the lawn with an umbrella on top.
After spending time with the bride and groom and catching up with family, eventually it was time to hit the road.  As we said our goodbyes to the happy couple, I thought about the fact that they are now moving on to a new chapter in their lives, this time in a story they will write together.  It is an exciting time for them with many promises for a wonderful future together and I wish them all the best as they work towards their own happy ending.

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