Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Be Independent.

As everyone in the U.S. is celebrating the anniversary of our country’s independence, I’m also thinking about my own independence.  While circumstances beyond my control did lead me away from my self-employed business to work for someone else full time, it does not mean I had no choice in the matter.  I chose to do what was right for my family at the time.  I made an independent choice. 

No one is forced to do anything. 
We all have an independent choice.

That’s what makes this country a great place to live.  Sometimes we may not feel we have a choice in matters but when you really think about, we can pretty much do what we want.  The decisions we make may be good or bad, selfish or unselfish.  The real factor is whether we can deal with the consequences once we make our decision.
Independence can be defined in many ways.  I’m sure anyone and everyone would wish to be financially independent.  To have the freedom to avoid financial stress, always be able to take care of family and travel whenever possible.  Many teens can’t wait for the day when they can live on their own, independent and away from their parents’ household rules.  Others may love the idea of being in business for themselves, to be their own boss and set their own hours.  I can say from firsthand experience it is the best way to work but when times get tough, you do miss those regular paychecks and benefits.  Others may dream of retirement, viewing that time in their lives as a way to feel independent…no longer actively worrying about the daily work grind, raising children or caring for a large home.  As retirees, many look forward to living in a smaller home, spending time with their grandchildren, hobbies and travel while receiving a monthly stipend from their well-earned years in the workforce. 

But there are other ways we can be independent. 
How about our ability to be confident in ourselves and what we can accomplish?  Or our ability to live out our dreams, unaffected by the interference of others, whether real or perceived?

Many might aspire to achieve something they feel is out of reach but to accomplish any goal you might label as a dream, it takes making an independent, confident and faithful choice to break away from the mold you thought you were.  It takes moving away from the pack towards the mysterious, the unfamiliar, and the possibilities.  It takes putting on blinders so that your focus is not swayed and it takes ignoring the nay-seers around you. 
I believe those who speak the loudest against the goals you are trying to reach are only envious they cannot do the same themselves. 

They have not reached the same level of independence. 
They fear moving away from the pack.

I finally decided to live out my dream of writing, even while fearing what others might say.  But I am independent, I am confident and I have faith in my choice to move forward with my goals of becoming a published author.  I made a decision that will make me happy and which does not harm others…if all decisions could be made this way, we’d all be very fortunate.
I’ll admit that choices made when you are backed into a corner may not feel like an independent choice.  However, if you are making a choice for the right reason, an unselfish reason, it is best to take ownership of the fact that an independent choice was based on influencing factors at the time.

However, when it comes to decisions relating to your future goals and your dreams, don’t let the fear of true independence steer you away from what you can achieve.
Do not fear moving away from the pack.

Be confident and believe in yourself.
Feel inspired by the possibilities.

Be independent.

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