Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Cover Revealed!

You may have read an earlier post where I mentioned the fact that I had a professional cover designed for my first book.  My guess is you are wondering what the final result looks like.  And I’ve been holding out on you.

This process is all new to me and the question of when it’s the right time to do this or do that is, well, new to me.  Various scenarios run through my head: I could share too soon and the wait for the actual book will seem to take forever.  Or I could procrastinate and my time will be limited between the book promo and the book’s release date.  I’m having a hard time figuring out which might be worse.
Maybe neither of them is completely terrible and I’m just over-thinking it too much.

Oh the woes of self-publishing.  The tips, tricks, lessons and dilemmas we must face as we move towards the next adventure on this journey.  It can be overwhelming.
But it is also very exciting.

My book will soon be ready and available as an eBook but of course, this is based on the schedule and timeline of others so I can only guess when it might actually occur.  I’m hoping for mid-August.  Shortly afterwards, my plan is to make the book available in printed form for those like me who would rather hold a book in their hands.  This too will depend on the time involved with that process but I’m hoping it will occur within 30 to 60 days after the eBook is made available.  I may be expecting too much too soon or everything may fall perfectly in place like dominoes.  Here’s hoping for the latter.  While I cannot yet be specific on the actual release dates, I will certainly keep you updated as we move closer to both dates.
Before I move on to the cover, I should probably let you in on what name I am writing under.  It’s still my name, just not the exact name I have been blogging under.  Instead, I will be using the nickname P.J.  It’s a choice I made awhile back and I’ve decided to stick with it. 

So I guess that’s it.  The gears are in motion and while it has seemed to take awhile, everything will soon fall into place and my book will finally be out there for all to see.  This whole concept brings with it an assortment of emotions, as I’m sure you can imagine.
Many of you are aware my book is a mystery.  I will introduce you to the characters soon but for now, here is a blurb to give you an idea behind the story involving my protagonist:

Two mothers; two secrets revealed. 


Jorja Matthews thought she had the perfect life; until the loss of her job combined with the loss of a family member in a tragic accident leads to an unexpected turn of events.  She is further shaken to the core after the decision to move back into her family home reveals the discovery of a disturbing family secret.  As Jorja agrees to investigate the truth behind the disappearance of a friend’s mother, she also investigates the mystery surrounding her own family, which becomes complicated when the only family member with all the answers is now deceased. 


When the best kept secrets are finally revealed, will the ties that bind, unravel?

And here is a preview of the cover…
No Mother of Mine, by P.J. Howell

So now I am curious about your thoughts and your comments.  Does the blurb strike you?  Does the cover draw you in?  I know many might have questions about the name of the book.  But does it intrigue you?  If so, stay tuned.  Either by signing up to receive my posts by email or connecting with me on Facebook and please, if you have a friend or two who you believe might be interested, be sure to pass this on to them as well.


  1. PJ,

    I am so proud of you! Love the cover. Love the blurb. Love the title. You go lady!!


  2. Thanks Wendy - and thanks for everything. Now, it's your turn!

  3. I'm actually working on a non-fiction book that I plan to finish by next summer if not earlier. Busy writing so many things right now. Never seems to be enough butt glue though. These sunny days distract me, especially with the ocean across the street haha