Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thoughts on Self-Publishing

If you’ve been keeping up with my Blog, you know I am in the process of having my book converted to an eBook.  While I wait during the eBook conversion, I am also researching what it will take to have my book printed the traditional way…you know, on actual paper.  It is a process but for those who still like to read actual books (like me), I do want to be able to offer a paperback book in addition to an eBook. 

I really wasn’t sure when I would be able to make my book available as a paperback.  I thought I would wait, see what happens with the eBook and then go from there.  But the more I think about waiting, the less I like the idea.  Why should I wait?  How thrilling would it be to have paperbacks available before the end of the year?  Before Christmas? 
I will admit it’s a nice thought.  The fact is it can be more than just a thought.  It can be a reality.  The real trick is finding a way to do it right the first time.  While perfection is difficult to achieve, no matter how we try, it is possible to find a way to do it well.

So how do you do something well you have never done before? 
Here lies the test.

One way to do something well is to avoid mistakes others have made. 
Lately I have been reading a lot about self-publishing via print-on-demand (POD).  There’s good and bad with every decision and POD publishing is no different.  More money can be made with eBooks, with very little money in and much more coming back to you in royalties.  There is an obvious expense associated with printing books the traditional way and it also means more hands in the cookie jar, thereby reducing your royalty rate.  The other consideration is how to understand what it takes to do everything in your power to make your self-published book not appear to look like a self-published book.

I’m sure this is every new author’s dream:  spend the bare minimum publishing an eBook, have huge sales, become a top seller and then watch sales soar even higher after signing on with one of the big publishing houses just drooling to publish the book.
Sounds like a great dream, doesn’t it?

It does, but it is a dream built on high expectations and is also dependent on someone else before it becomes a reality.  That in itself is not what my writing journey is about.  Writing is my dream and it is a dream I myself have made a reality.   Becoming a published author is also my dream but it too is something I can make a reality, whether in eBook form, traditional printing or both.
While my brain may become overloaded with information as I research the pros, cons, do’s and don’ts about traditional self-publishing, I will take it on as I do everything else and I will do my best to do it right the first time.  Otherwise, the mistakes I make in the process will be a lesson learned not only to myself but will be something I can share with others.  There is something to be said about ‘sharing is caring’ especially when it comes to the vast learning curve involved with writing and publishing a book.

Here’s hoping the mistakes I make are few even as the lessons learned are many. 

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