Saturday, September 29, 2012

Care to Buy a Book?

The wait is over! 
For everyone who has been patiently waiting for the paperback version of my book, I am so happy to say the paperback is available for sale.  You can buy the book either on Amazon or visit my eStore and buy it directly from there.  For those who enjoy holding a book when they read, the print version of No Mother of Mine is a large paperback (5.5 x 8.5) and over 400 pages.  For those who enjoy eBooks, the eBook version is also still available on either the Amazon or Barnes & Noble website.
For anyone who has not yet viewed a preview of my book on or, I thought I would share the prologue of my book with you, to see if it piques your interest even more…

No Mother of Mine

She awkwardly carried the bundles wrapped in the sheet as she left the house by the back door. She partially stumbled down the stone steps before walking down the garden path. It began to drizzle but she felt nothing; not the rain, not the pain and no compassion for what she held in her arms. She was no longer any resemblance to the person she had been just a few days before. She was lost, both in mind and in spirit, and had no strength to stop the manic identity that had taken over her. She reached the back of the rose garden and knelt down on the ground, laying the bundles down as she rested her knees in the dirt. Her thin white cotton gown began to sag from the rain and her wet hair hung limp around her face. The sheet was now soiled from the garden dirt along with the blood she had earlier wiped from her legs. She used her bare hands to begin digging a hole between the red rose and the yellow rose bush, her favorite. Once the hole seemed big enough, she reached into the sheet to grab a tin filled with items she no longer wished to keep. She threw the tin into the freshly dug hole and reached for the sheet. A tiny hand suddenly sprang from one half of the bundled sheet and then a small cry rang out. It startled her. She thought her sins had been forced on the little ones and that they had not drawn any breath at all. The second bundle began to kick at the sheet and also began to cry. She felt confused but as insane thoughts rushed through her head, she understood from those thoughts that she would have to take responsibility for her sins. To take responsibility would mean to give back that which she should never have had in the first place. She reached down to pick up one of the bundles, never for a moment thinking a rational thought regarding what she was about to do. She wrapped the sheet more snugly and then held the bundle tightly against her chest. She could feel movement only slightly but as she held the bundle even tighter, the movement soon stopped.

“What are you doing?!” The rain muffled the sound of footsteps so that she was startled to hear the voice yelling at her from behind.

She turned to face her intruders, but in her state of mind she was barely able to recognize who they were. “I am taking responsibility for my sins,” she said to her father.

“Is that the baby? What do you think you are doing?” Her father reached down and forcibly took the baby from her arms.

Standing next to her father, her mother shrieked, “What did she do?!” Her mother began to cry as she turned to her and said, “My God, what have you done?”

She did not believe her mother’s question deserved a response, so she did not reply.

Her father grabbed her arm and pulled her up off the ground. She looked away from him as he questioned her. “What have you done?” Having already disassociated herself from what had been hers, she pulled her arm from his grasp and walked away to sit on a nearby bench.

Her father quickly opened the sheet to get a look at the baby wrapped inside. “Oh, please, God, let the baby be okay.” As he attempted to determine the fate of the one he held in his arms, he heard a cry from the other half of the bundled sheet still on the ground.

Her mother bent down to open the sheet. “There’s another one? She had twins?” Her father then spotted the freshly dug hole near the yellow rose bush. As his wife picked up the second baby, he held the first baby in a protective hug and quietly wept as he began to understand the horror of what his daughter had been about to do.

~  ~  ~
Whether the prologue intrigues you or even disturbs you in the slightest, I hope it piques your interest enough to review the book and possibly even purchase it.  Be sure to check out the reviews I’ve received so far on Amazon, they are quite nice and much appreciated. 



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