Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Learn-as-you-go Game

This week I was absent from posting because I was proofing the paperback version of my book.  It took what spare time I had after the hours each day were accounted for with work, and time spent with family, but I finally finished reviewing and correcting the proof and was more than ready to move on to the next step.  The plan was to make any necessary corrections to the original so that the paperback could be approved for print by this weekend. 
But plans do not always go as expected.

While the proof was ready to go, with a few corrections, I goofed when I tried to send the corrected proof back to the publisher.  How did I goof?  I clicked on the wrong button and ended up submitting the original proof back to them rather than the proof I had just spent the last week reviewing and correcting.
I blame my mistake on the fact that I was probably just too tired to pay attention.

That reminds me of the saying:  I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention!
I’ve always liked that saying. 

Anyhow, moving on…since I submitted a file to the publisher, it had to be reviewed again by them to verify I meet submission requirements before I could move on.  Because a file had been submitted for review, even if it was the incorrect file, I was pretty much locked out from making any changes. 
So I had to wait.  I had to stay away from the computer to avoid going batty from constantly checking for a message to confirm I was no longer locked out and could upload the correct file.  I puttered around the house, went to a movie with my kids, cleaned up my gardens, put away the garden decorations and other summer items and even organized items stored in my shop.  After that job, I decided I may as well organize my office now that boxes of files had been moved out to the shop.  Of course, this meant being near my computer so before I began to clean, I checked for a message from the publisher.  Seeing no message, I had to ignore the feelings of impatience and I got to work organizing. 

Organizing…it is a great task and an excellent way to take your mind off things.  After about two hours (yeah, the office was way overdue for this chore), the task of organizing my office was finally complete and I again sat down at the computer. 
I checked my e-mail.  And still saw no response from the publisher.

I tried to remain positive and decided to check on my account update directly on the publishing website. 
Ah ha! 

There was a message informing me the file had been reviewed, no issues had been found and the proof was again waiting for my approval.  I dislike the fact that I have lost a day and had to wait until now to upload the correct file but it has been done.  I received a message shortly afterwards informing me that the file was reviewed and no major issues were found.  Now, I must wait for the second message to inform me I once again meet the submission requirements.  Since the corrections I made were minor, I know I’ll meet the requirements but until I receive that message, I have to wait before I can submit the final proof for print.
As I have said before one way or another, the learning curve in this business is huge.  One new tidbit I learned from this process was that once my paperback is up and ready for print, I am automatically provided with a Kindle version of my book to upload as an eBook on Amazon.  Considering the fact that I paid to have the original manuscript converted to an eBook (for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook) and it took some time to complete that process, I was surprised to receive a completely formatted file for a Kindle eBook immediately upon completing the final steps required for the paperback.  Since I already have an eBook for Kindle available on Amazon, it’s not a file I need at this time but it is good to know for next time. 

And there will be a next time, or many next times, as I continue to write and publish.
I just hope I remember all the little tidbits I learn when it’s time to do this all over again with the next book.  While this blog is for anyone who knows me and wants to keep up with what I’m doing or for anyone who also might wish to publish a book, I’ll admit this blog is also going to be a reference for me as I continue to write and publish.  I will no doubt make use of these posts as a reference in the future to remind myself of the little hiccups that pop up here and there.

So now that I’ve recorded my publishing hiccup of the week, it’s time to wait just a little bit longer.  But we won’t be waiting long.  You’ll be hearing from me again very soon.


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