Sunday, October 14, 2012

Book Signing Event…Check!

My very first book signing for No Mother of Mine was yesterday.  If anyone who reads my blog posts can read between the lines…I’m sure they’d be able to tell I was a mess of worrisome thoughts the past week or so.  Not only was I worried about the rain and whatever else could go wrong, I finally discovered I was worried about the unknown.  I had no clue what to expect and for me, that whole concept just causes more anxiety.
But I should not have worried so much.  The rain was not something I had control over but we were able to snag a few tents to help keep us out of the rain when it did come down.  And the venue we chose turned out beautiful.  It was very inviting and a comfortable area for people to hang out, browse and also visit with each other.

Donna's Eco-Scapes

As I was running around my house, attempting to gather and pack everything we’d need for the day, I received a phone call to inform me someone had arrived early hoping to purchase a book.  It was only 11a and the event wasn’t supposed to begin until 1p so you can imagine my surprise at hearing someone arrived so early.  Is this normal?  I don’t know but for a new author, I would not expect it to be.  It is kind of cool, though. 
When it was time to officially begin the event, I think I probably held my breath.  I could not stop myself from wondering how the event would be received.

Again, I worry too much.    
Throughout the day, I felt like the sand at the beach might feel…with the rush and the ebb of the waves as they advance and recede.  A handful of people would arrive and I’d lose track of time as I signed copy after copy and then suddenly everything would quiet down as the flow would recede.  Those who remained would visit with me or each other for a bit and then just as suddenly another wave would advance and again I’d be signing books and chatting away.  It was fun, exciting and overall very exhilarating when I actually took the time to think about it. 

During the event we received a surprise visit from a local group who had helped launch the opening of a business a few doors down.  It’s not often you are welcomed by bagpipes and I’m sure it was a bit unexpected by those who entered the garden, but it was a unique experience most of them probably won’t forget. 

Olympia Highlanders
With a good mix of family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and strangers who either heard about me before yesterday or just came in off the street, this book signing was a great experience.  I am so grateful to not only my family for helping me pull this event together but also to everyone who stopped by to take part in the event, support me in my new venture and share with me their best wishes and excitement overall.   

All the worry, all the anticipation and all the planning have led up to what was one of the best days I can remember for quite awhile.  Each new phase in this adventure is just one fantastic experience after another…completing the book, publishing the book, making it available for sale and getting great feedback from those who have enjoyed the book.  Each experience has included a sense of accomplishment but overall they amount to a great sense of fulfillment. 
And more importantly, each new phase also confirms I made the right decision when I decided to realize my dreams and fulfill my passion to write.  Now it’s time to finish another book!

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