Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodbye’s All-Around

Halloween has come and will soon be gone.  Goodbye Halloween, goodbye October and this weekend we say goodbye to daylight savings.  Today also happened to be the day we said goodbye to my boss, who decided to retire and move on after giving 22 years to the job.
Saying goodbye means change.  Here it means moving onto the next holiday.  Hello Turkey Day!  We also begin a new month and count down the days until Christmas and the end of another year.  We change our clocks and adjust to darkness arriving earlier in the day.    

For my boss, it means moving onto another phase in her life.  It will involve life without the stress of the daily grind, no forced schedule and moving at her own pace.  It’s what many of us wish we could have now.   I wish her well and I expect she will very much enjoy her relaxing new lifestyle.
When you say goodbye to those who have known you for quite some time, you should always try to go out with style.  Style is likely more of a subjective term but in this case, her retirement party was full of fall flair.  That’s what happens when your last day is on Halloween.   A haunted office just wasn’t in the cards, unfortunately, so fall flair it had to be.

Here are a few shots of some of the decorations, first the table with the goodies:

 Here is a close up of the cookies and how they were served.  I really like this set up for treats:

Pumpkins with character

The retirement party was a success, I believe everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a terrific send-off for my boss.  I would expect nothing less myself if I ever stick with one job for more than 20 years.
After all the goodbyes, I now look forward to the next holiday, I welcome a new month and I will enjoy the extra hour we get when we turn the clocks back this weekend.  As I say hello to November, I am also saying goodbye to a somewhat relaxed writing schedule compared to what I am in store for beginning tomorrow. 

What I am in store for is a new challenge. 
I am preparing myself because this challenge will be very difficult. 

Admittedly, the challenge is possibly beyond difficult but the results will be worth it in the end. 
I’ll write more in the next post about this latest challenge I have decided to literally bury myself in but for now, enjoy your evening or your day depending on when you read this, and expect to hear more soon about the challenge I am undertaking. 

Until next time…



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