Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mother Nature’s Not-So-Perfect Timing

I almost forgot it was Wednesday! 
This week has been an odd one.  It has been going by at a snail’s pace, really, even though each day my head is filled with more details than I can manage.  Which is why I almost forgot to type a blog post today.

What types of details are filling my head more than normal? 
I have been sidetracked with the details surrounding my first book event scheduled for this weekend.  A book signing event.  A celebration event.  Or both.  Whatever it is called really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that it goes well.  Or at least well enough so that I don’t feel like it was all for nothing.

So what do I have to worry about? 
If you write it, they will come…

Seriously, I know I worry too much.  The event will go well and I’m sure I will enjoy myself and I certainly hope those who attend also enjoy themselves.  There have just been a few issues here and there which keep me on my toes and make it difficult for me not to worry.

There was the issue about the books and whether they would all arrive in time.  That idea came from the publisher who informed me the books might not arrive until six days after the event!  Of course, they probably give the shipment date a cushion but I was very nervous about the awful possibility of having no books at a book signing. 
Thankfully, the books arrived with plenty of time to spare.  So I crossed that off my list.

Then there were the marketing materials…
Flyers.  Check. 

Postcards.  Check.  Except for the fact that there was a mistake on the cards.  Something others may or may not notice or even care about but I just about became unglued over because there was no time to order more.
Moving on…

A news article in the local paper.  Check.  And overall, not too bad except for one misprint about where the paperback book can be located.  Rats!
Deciding on a venue for the event was easy.  I did not choose a bookstore; unfortunately, we don’t have one in my home town.  No, this event will be held at an outside courtyard, decked out with beautiful plants, metal sculptures, a coi pond (although they don’t seem to be moving much…they may be sleeping?), seating areas and a little shop in the back with garden and gift ideas.  It was, at the time of my decision, the perfect spot for a nice gathering to celebrate my new book.

Donna's Eco-Scapes
Until we received the most recent weather report.
And now, the fretting really begins.

We have not had hardly any rain for months.  Months!  And it would appear we will be getting our first bit of rain very soon.  When?  I’m sure you can guess.  This weekend!
*Big, long, chest-filled-with-air sigh.*

Once I get my breathing back to normal, I’ll have avoided a panic attack. 
For now. 

I realize the anxiety I feel can’t change the fact that there is little I can do other than expect the worse, hope for the best and know that no matter what, I just need to keep my chin up becuase all the fuss over when, where and how an event takes place will not take away the true joy and celebration of my first book.
So, the event will go on as planned. 

Rain or shine. 

Wish me luck!

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