Sunday, November 25, 2012

After the Turkey Coma

Sad to say this is the last day of a four-day holiday weekend.  All good things must come to an end, I suppose.  And it certainly was a good weekend.
Thanksgiving for us was a very good day.  We spent the holiday with both sides of the family and had a great visit with everyone.  The only negative to celebrating the holiday this way is that we split the day up between families and actually had turkey dinner not once, but twice.  I guess you could say we had a full meal at 2:30 pm and a light meal at 6:30 pm because that was all our pour tummies could take.

I did not even have dessert the second time around and for me, that’s saying a lot because I can usually make room for pumpkin pie.
So the holiday was a long day full of family, fun and feasting and we enjoyed every minute of it.  It ended with the need to get a good night’s sleep to shake off the turkey coma and a silent promise to myself to diet from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas dinner.

That was until I saw all the leftovers we’d be taking home.
I quickly realized the diet would have to be put off just a bit longer.  Enjoying a long weekend while also not having to worry about what’s for dinner is my idea of a terrific weekend.

Friday and Saturday were days I knew I would set aside for writing because I had taken a few days off up through Thanksgiving.  I was a bit behind on my word count due to this but I knew I could probably make up for it during those two full days and that I would also have today to write if I needed it.
I’m glad to say today was not a day when I had to feverishly write to catch up on my word count.  Instead, I was able to spend time catching up on other things around the house.  While I may have been behind on my word count as of Thursday, the amount of work I put in on Friday and Saturday not only helped me meet my word count up through today, it also helped surpass it. 

I wrote over 10,000 words on Friday and Saturday alone, bringing my total word count to just under 44,500 and only about 5,500 from my final goal.
I’m so happy with the amount of writing I was able to accomplish because my required word count every night after work this week won’t feel out of reach.  There are only five days left of the NaNoWriMo challenge and with only 5,500 words left to reach my goal, I know I’ve already won the challenge.  This from the person who had first doubted it could even be done –

Just goes to show what happens when doubt turns into determination.
Whether you enjoyed lazy days with the family or possibly tackled your own difficult task, I hope you too enjoyed a splendid holiday weekend. 

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