Sunday, December 23, 2012

No More Pep for Holiday Prep

Preparing for the holiday season this year has been quite the challenge.  Not only am I working elsewhere so that I’m not always at home or setting my own hours, I have been fighting one of the worst colds I’ve had in quite awhile.
It was dumb luck that I took three days off the end of last week in order to help set aside time to shop and prepare for Christmas.  I say dumb luck because rather than finish off my holiday to-do list, the days off from work were spent resting, sleeping and doing my best to avoid seeing anyone.  No one wants to see me when I’m feeling poorly.  I’m just a tad cranky and not really fun to be around.

Three days of my long weekend were a loss but at least I can say I caught up on my sleep.  Even so, I may need another long weekend after today because the past two days have been jam packed with shopping, baking, wrapping and preparing for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. 
Even with all that I had to get done, I am fairly impressed with myself when I can say I’m not completely stressed out.  I’m tired but I’m not frazzled.  I’ve stuck to my guns and I’ve done what I could, minimized what I had to and I’ve let go of the need to do too much.  I’m about as ready for Christmas as I can be and I’m looking forward to time spent with family as we fill our bellies with good food and delicious treats.

Soon Christmas will be over and we’ll be looking on towards the end of the year and what the New Year will bring.  We’ll be offering up New Year’s resolutions as proof that we’re ready to change whatever bad habits we formed this year or during years past.  But rather than looking ahead too far in advance, right now I’ll enjoy my feelings of contentment as I look forward to what the next few days will bring as I spend some quality time with my family. 
Happy Holidays and many blessings to you and your family.



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