Sunday, January 6, 2013

Always Ready to Move Forward

Do you feel the change in the seasons? 
When it comes to the weather, we’ve had some snow days and some rainy days but we’ve also had some beautiful days complete with blue skies and sunshine along with a few gorgeous sun rises and sunsets.  I know we’ll have rain for a few more months here in the Pacific Northwest but I can already tell it’s staying lighter a bit longer and there’s a certain feeling I can’t ignore of what’s to come.

And what is to come?

Although it is still only winter, there are many changes I look forward to.  I look forward to no longer driving home in the dark after work.  I look forward to the early spring flowers which will begin to poke out of the ground soon.  I look forward to seeing more birds and other wildlife around our property.  I especially look forward to when I can finally plant my garden again.  I look forward to walks on a beautiful spring day, taking my dogs to the creek to play, sipping coffee on my front porch as the sun rises and finding any excuse just to sit outside to write as I soak up some afternoon sunshine.
It may be a little soon to wish for spring flowers and sunshine but it will be here before we know it.  Even today, with overcast skies, it was actually a beautiful day in the mid 40’s with no breeze whatsoever.  It was a perfect day to just get outside and find something to do.

I have always enjoyed the change in seasons and can’t imagine living anyplace where the seasons are not marked by the change in foliage in the fall, the rain and snow filled months in the winter, the burst of bright colors in the spring or the long beautiful days of summer.  There are days in the winter or spring when we might curse the amount of rain we receive but no one can deny the Evergreen State is a beautiful place for that very reason. 
With the change in seasons comes with it a change in attitude and objectives.  At least for me.  The change in seasons brings me to a thoughtful place where I examine my days and what I too may need to change in order to prepare for what’s in store for the coming months. 

This is the time of year when I think ahead and look forward to longer days, blue skies and more time outside.  These are always positive changes which help affect my overall mood, which is great because I’ll need the positive energy to accomplish a lot in the next few months.  As I move forward with the completion of my second book, I will also be entering a book contest as a new published author, working with local businesses who are selling my books, preparing for another book signing for my first book and making necessary arrangements for what will be a big selling event for both books in the summer.  These events all have the possibility of bringing about many more positive changes and I look forward to them all. 
So what do you look forward to as we move into this New Year and the season moves towards change?  Whether this time brings about expected or unforeseen adjustments, I hope you also have many positive changes in store for you.



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