Sunday, January 27, 2013

How did January Treat You?

Another weekend has come and gone…don’t you wish they lasted longer?
What did you do this last weekend in January?  Did you relax?  Spend time with friends or family?  Watch a good movie?  Read a good book?  Write one?  J

So what did I do this weekend? 
Well, if you’ve read my Blog posts or my Facebook updates, you know I had another book signing yesterday.  This time it was at a wine tasting room and gift shop.  It’s a cute little shop, new to our little historic section of town, and a fun place just to hang out.  It was a nice, comfortable atmosphere for a signing.  I enjoyed myself and I also enjoyed meeting new people and readers who were excited to read my book.  I’ll admit; I’ll never get tired of hearing that from people.  It is very surreal but extremely pleasing to hear such comments; I doubt I will ever get used to it but I doubt I’ll ever get tired of it either.  I also enjoyed very much the opportunity to speak with others about books and about writing in general.  It is a subject I will never tire of and I am thrilled to meet others who have an interest in both.

After the book signing, I spent the evening with my family, which is a very nice way to end a fulfilling day.  Today, with the rain and cloud cover, was a perfect day to stay home to catch up on writing and take care of a few household chores.  I would have loved to spend the day writing and forget the chores but unfortunately, the laundry just can’t seem to figure out how to take care of itself.  
As I look at the calendar to plan my tasks and goals for the upcoming week, I am reminded we’re almost through with the first month of the year.  The month of January has been full of the regular distractions, plus a few, while I have also worked towards completing my writing goals and prepping for events such as the recent contest and the book signing.  If this month is any indication, it is only the first month of what I know is going to be a very busy year.  It will be a busy year but it will also be a good year. 

How about you?  Has the month of January given you any indication as to how you expect the year to turn out?  I hope so.  I truly hope the month has been good to you and has provided you with a sneak peek at what’s to come, including positive change and new opportunities.
Have a great week!

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