Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Would We Do Without Distractions?

Well, that’s a loaded question.  What would we do without distractions?  Get a lot more done, I suppose.  We’d pay more attention…be more focused…mange our time more wisely…and possibly have no need for to-do lists.  We’d also all be much better drivers.
But distractions aren’t always a bad thing. 

How about an unexpected phone call or e-mail from a friend or family member who lives far away?  Or a spontaneous request by your spouse to take a short drive to a local park so you can walk around the falls?  Or maybe a request from your child to hang out and watch a movie or play a game?
No, some distractions are more good than anything and are likely more important than whatever you had at first planned to do.  There are times when you just have to set aside what you think you have to do, in order to do what is really good for you.  Even playing fetch with your dog on a nice afternoon is a distraction that can be good for the soul.

Sometimes you may be distracted and not even know it.  I will admit I was unaware I was very distracted yesterday.  I was so distracted I didn’t even know what day it was.  I don’t know if I thought it was Monday or Tuesday but I know I didn’t realize it was actually Wednesday.  My defense is that I worked Monday, took Tuesday off and then was back to work on Wednesday; except that it did not feel like a Wednesday.  Not once did I think to myself that I had to post on my Blog because it was Wednesday.  When my husband asked me if I wanted to watch a movie after dinner, I immediately seized the opportunity to spend time together.  So rather than get on my computer after dinner in order to write, or blog, I watched a movie with my husband instead.  (If you are curious…it was The Dark Knight Rises).  We always enjoy our time together and in my book, it’s time well spent.  Would I have said yes if I had realized it was Wednesday and I thought I should blog in order to stay on my schedule? 
That’s a good question. 

When I went to sleep last night, I was still clueless to the fact that it was actually Wednesday.  When did I finally realize what day of the week it was?  This morning, when I was informed today was Thursday.  I could only shake my head and wonder how I had gone a whole day without knowing what day of the week it was.
I can’t say distractions are good if they make you forget what day of the week it is but an unusual work schedule and spending extra time with your spouse is a decent excuse, I think.  I’d never fault anyone else if those were their reasons for being distracted.  Even if I had finally recalled it was Wednesday when my husband asked if I wanted to watch a movie, you may be happy to hear I would still have chosen to spend time with him rather than my computer.  It’s just one of those times when I will set aside what I feel I have to do (for me, it is to write) in order to do what is good for me (spending time with my husband).

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when it comes to distractions.  It’s just part of our busy lifestyle, good or bad, but they are part of our life just the same.  We might not be able to choose how often or how we are distracted but the days can take a positive turn if we take advantage of the good distractions because in the end, those are the moments that can really count.


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