Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can we try this again?

Well, I get the nerve to ask for help and what happens?  Those who want to help aren’t able to follow through with my request; but I do appreciate anyone who tried.
But wait!  You can still help me if you “like” me…

Apparently, Amazon took away the original “like” button that used to be next to the name of the books.  Instead, there is a “like” button directly on our author pages.  Under each book title is the name of the author and you can click on it to view our author page.  You can click on “P.J. Howell (author)” under the title No Mother of Mine or you can just find mine here.  On the author page, look to the right above what should be a list of my most recent blog posts and you will see a “like” button next to the Facebook, Twitter and e-mail buttons.
Amazon’s idea about placing the “like” button on the author page might be a good idea but the trick is getting readers to think about visiting an author’s page.  If you don’t often visit author pages, this would be one reason why you should.

What was such a simple request has become not so simple.  I wish I had known about the change before I made my plea for help but I’m glad I was finally able to figure it out.  I apologize for asking for help again so soon but now that I’ve discovered the issue, I’d like to complete my request to you so that I can watch how it might affect my ranking.  So if you’d still like to help me test my Amazon author ranking, please think about viewing my author page and liking it…or by writing a review if you’d like to offer more specific feedback.   
Again, thanks to anyone who helps me out with this.  I’m afraid this will be a short post, as we are celebrating a birthday and I must rejoin my family but I will be back to post more this weekend.

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