Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Name up in Lights

Okay, not exactly up in lights…but up in the air anyway…on a reader board.  Either way, it looks pretty cool to see my name up there.  And who knows…maybe the board is lit up at night so my title can ring true. 

P.J. Howell book signing event

I have to say I like the reader board promotion.  Even though the choice of venue for the book signing this month is not your usual locale for a signing, I already expect it to be a great event.  I give a lot of the credit to the manager of this store who is very excited about hosting the event this weekend.  He has come through with flying colors after following through with how he said he would help promote the signing.  He and I have the same goals…to make the event enjoyable and successful.   

I’m as prepared as I can be but yet will always feel there is still more I can do.  That is the perfectionist in me, I suppose.  I also know that with each signing I will learn another trick or two to add to my list in order to make future events better.  Someday, I may actually face an event with a relaxed, I’ve-got-it-all-covered attitude…but then, knowing myself as I do…I highly doubt it.

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