Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Creating a Positive Outlet when Misery Knocks

I’ll warn you right now…my mood can be defined as ‘sad.’
I had planned to write about the success of a self-published author I read about recently but I received some news which both saddened me and then ultimately took over my thoughts.  What subject can completely take over my thoughts?  Sadden me to the point that I disregard what I had intended to write about?

I’ll give you one guess…
You only need one guess.  It’s Death.  A difficult word to write and even difficult to say without a shutter. It is, by far, the most depressing subject.

So why bring it up? 
Because I need to.  This Blog is a way to purge myself, mostly about the challenges of writing while working as I learn to better my craft, and sometimes about the everyday life involving work and family, but then sometimes, a wrench gets thrown in the mix and you do what you can to remove what hinders your thoughts so you can grease the wheels and look forward to a time when everything will run smoothly again. 

We know the unexpected can happen but it’s so much easier to live life with the expectation that everything will remain the same.  We hope the status quo won’t change but, of course, that’s not how real life operates. 
For me, as with many authors, I’m betting, writing is a great way to release the toxins from my brain.  From what you see on television, hear on the news, are exposed to at work, might be dealing with at home or when you receive news a friend or family member has passed away, you have to find a way to purge the negative thoughts, feelings and fears. 

That’s what writing does for me.
What’s amazing as a writer is when the result of what you purge on paper reveals itself as something others can actually relate to, appreciate and enjoy.  You don’t have to write about negativity to release negativity, you just have to find an outlet to free your mind from the negativity so that something positive can come through. 

Sometimes, as with murder mysteries, death is the underlying subject.  How depressing that would be if we didn’t also add lightness and laughter, characters and crime solving and plot with a purpose.  With books we find a way to immerse ourselves in a world where we can tag along with others as they tackle what hinders them.  It helps when you set aside your own troubles for a spell and depending on the book you’re reading at the time, you might be pleasantly surprised to find just how good it can make you feel.


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