Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why “America’s Got Talent” makes me Cry

Yeah, I’ll admit it…this show will sometimes bring tears to my eyes.  Why?  I guess it’s because I get choked up when I see someone take a chance, expose their soul and do their best not to fall apart as the judgment about how good or bad they are is about to be rendered.  It’s all about achieving the good ole’ American Dream.
That’s everyone’s wish, right?

The opportunity for prosperity and success?  A happy and successful life?  The ability to finally live out our dreams? 
Sure.  It’s what we all strive for...the question is when, or if, we’re ever able to muster up the guts to finally live out our dreams.

I think Susan Boyle is one such example.  Remember her?  She stepped out on the stage for her first audition on Britain’s Got Talent and the judges immediately judged a book by its cover, showing her smirks and disbelief that she’d even step out on stage believing she had any talent.  Then when she began to sing I Dreamed a Dream, their eyes widened, their jaws dropped and eventually, everyone had nothing but a smile on their face and adoration in their eyes.  They did not expect even the slightest what Susan had in store for them.  
When Susan stepped out onto that stage she was asked by Simon, ‘what’s the dream?’  Susan said she wanted to become a professional singer and the reason it hadn’t happened yet was because she hadn’t been given the chance before.  Even though the judges’ eyes and body posture showed their apparent disbelief that she’d provide them anything worthwhile, she did not back down as she belted out what is still certainly one of the most memorable first auditions in talent show history.  Even now, Susan’s first audition can bring tears to my eyes.  The reason is that I appreciate her because she took a chance, faced ridicule and rejection and exposed her soul as she finally reached out for the dream she had desired for so long.   

It is shows like America’s Got Talent, or Britain’s Got Talent, when we watch others put themselves out there and we think to ourselves…maybe I should reach for my dream.  Maybe I should take a chance and see what happens.  Maybe it’s not too late.  Maybe I should stop making excuses and not wait any longer. 
There are many who have a dream and are never given the chance to prove themselves.  But that’s the wrong way to think about it.  Too many of us wait to be “given” the chance when we really should be “taking” a chance.  Once you are given the opportunity, it is up to you to take a chance on yourself and show others what you’re made of and what you can do.  It is that kind of fearless attitude, that kind of belief in themselves even if they’re about to pee their pants in fear of exposing themselves, that makes me hope the best for those who try to live out their dreams.  And when they make others believe in them, it will likely bring a tear to my eye.  Dreams are not meant to be dreamt but are meant to be lived and fulfilled and any dream, if only you believe in yourself first, is very much a possibility.


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