Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy week, forgetful mind

I’ve had one of those weeks again.  You know the kind; they tend to keep you so busy you can forget yourself when it comes to routine things.
I forgot yesterday was Wednesday...which is why I also forgot to update my Blog.  Or maybe I didn’t forget it was Wednesday, but updating my Blog was really the last thing on my mind. 

Not only has this been a busy week at work, as I try to prepare myself for the days I’ll be taking off for the Capital Lakefair event next week, it’s also been busy because I’ve been preparing for Lakefair.  On top of that, my week was cut short because I spent the day with my husband as he underwent surgery today.  So…last night my mind was no longer on work and no longer on writing but instead was entirely focused on what needed to be done to prepare for today. 
I’m now winding down from a long day spent in the waiting room, in the recovery room, and then running around town to pick up items needed for the next few days before I was finally able to get my husband home for some much needed rest.  As he sleeps off his exhaustion and lets his body begin to heal, I’m forcing myself to focus on writing so I don’t completely pass out and become useless when he wakes and might need me.   

Although, I’ll admit when I take even a fraction of a moment to think about what I want to say, I find myself drifting off into la-la land. 

Yes, I do feel as if I could fall asleep right on top of my keyboard.
I’ll be back again this weekend…I think it’s time to admit defeat and take that nap after all. 


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