Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two days down, three more to go…

Well, it’s now the end of Day 2 of the Lakefair event.  I’m beat, I won’t lie.  Yesterday was a so-so day, with a light turnout for all the booths, not just mine.  The weather was also kind of crappy, with clouds that refused to leave us until late afternoon and a wind that just didn’t seem to want to ever go away.

Today was much better.  There were more people and the clouds broke almost right after we were ready for customers.  It got warm very quickly and we were soon wishing for any sort of breeze to hit us from over the lake!
This is the view over the lake from where our tent is set up, before the clouds finally broke.

We look forward to an even better day tomorrow and Saturday should be a great turnout as well.  We’ve met so many great people just in the past two days.  I really look forward to meeting many more.
And now…I’m off to bed.  Here’s a shot of my dogs (the third is up towards the top, blending in with the shadows but you can see those glowing eyes) after whatever mischief they got into all day has made them all very tired. 
This photo is a good portrayal of just how tired I feel right now.  So it's time for a good nights’ rest so we can take on another day at Lakefair!

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