Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whatever the holiday, I’ll enjoy the day off

Another holiday will soon come and go and with it the fun we shall have.  It’s a reason to cut out of work early or come in late afterwards.  It’s a reason to take an extra day off so the weekend is that much longer.  And it’s an even better reason to spend with friends and family.
I didn’t make this a long weekend like most people probably did.  I should have but I’m already taking enough time off later this month so I’ll just take advantage of the fact that the holiday gives me a free day from work.  I did leave work early today though; my excuse is that the computers at work were down all day.  Really, when you’re not very productive, what’s the point in sticking around? 

Leaving work early means I got to enjoy time in the afternoon I don’t usually get to have to myself and once I finish updating my Blog with this post, I get to spend a nice evening with the love of my life.  I see a few winning games of cribbage in my future as we sit outside to enjoy the rest of the day.  A few wins under my belt with a nice cold drink sounds like the perfect kind of evening.      
I look forward to a day off from work, especially when the weather has been so perfect lately.  I expect to enjoy my day however I see fit before we move on to enjoy the celebration of the holiday. 

Whatever your plans are for the holiday (if in fact you are celebrating the U.S. holiday), I hope you enjoy yourself and the time you get to spend with family and friends.
Happy 4th!

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