Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Hanging out

This is such a strange time for me, this in-between stage.   I’m in between the completion of one book before I start writing another.  I’m still thinking about my characters as they were but also planning ahead to what they will be doing. 
As much as I want to continue from where the story left off, I just can’t quite get serious about writing again - even though I really want to. 

But it’ll only be a short break while I wait to review the proof of Best Kept Secrets and then I really need to focus on some marketing for the second book before I bury myself in writing the third.  While I wait for the proof to arrive, which may be next week since this is a holiday weekend, I have no other choice but to find other things to do. 
So I’m just hanging out.

Even though I said I needed to learn to relax more often, it’s still a strange feeling when I take on the task of just staying put.  After dinner this evening, I was sitting in my favorite comfortable chair, a blanket over my lap and my legs curled up under me as I watched one of my favorite shows, Project Runway.  Unless it has to do with cross stitch or embroidery, I hate sewing and I’m admittedly not into fashion much but for some reason I like this show.  I think it’s fun to watch what the contestants can create when they are given such unique projects with such a limited amount of time. 
Anyway, I haven’t spent regular time in front of the television lately so I shouldn’t have been surprised when my husband teased me from the other room as he asked, “Are you really just sitting there doing nothing?” 

Yeah, incredibly enough, I was just relaxing.  I wasn’t also writing, cross stitching, reading a book, paying bills, organizing paperwork, journaling or anything else I might normally do while I watch television.  Instead, I was just watching television. 
What a concept.

Okay, I’ll admit, I did end up making some chocolate chip cookies while I watched my show but my son made the cookie dough for me…I only had to bake them.  And eat them.  While watching my show.
Still, making cookies and watching television – not something I’ve done a lot of lately.  It’s kind of nice and I’ll take advantage of the free time during the weekend and into next week until I focus completely on reviewing the proof my book.  I’m taking a long weekend for the holiday weekend and while I will hang out and relax during some of the weekend, I’ll probably also use the time to get other projects done so I can focus on writing again without any to-do-list distractions.  What are your plans for the long weekend?  Whatever they are, I hope they are productive, relaxing or just plain fun!


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