Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My long weekend ends with a visitor!

I realize my blog posts haven’t been the usual Sunday/Wednesday schedule lately but that’s occurred for a number of reasons, most of which are likely explained away when I finally do post.  The lack of posting this last weekend also had its reasons; with the main one being that I decided to take a long weekend and that involved hardly any butt time in the chair.
I took a long weekend for a couple of reasons.  First, I just needed a break; a break from work, a break from the computer, a break period.  Second, I’m in between finishing one book and starting another so time away from the computer at home and at work meant time to get other projects done and out of the way.  And third, I had other matters I needed to tend to and it was just better to focus my attention where it was most needed rather than where it would be no use if my mind was elsewhere.
I got my break, spent extra time with my family, was able to tackle a good number of projects and I kept my focus on other important matters.  Overall, it was a very good weekend.  My weekend is now almost over and as depressing as that sounds, I was also anxiously waiting for this day because I thought I’d finally receive the proofs of my second book, Best Kept Secrets.  With no mail delivery the past three days, I was excited to learn that the proofs were waiting at the post office like I hoped.  The copies are now waiting to be reviewed so that I can add any final edits to the book before I make it live and available for everyone else.
With the box at home and on the dining room table, I pulled out each book to stack them on top of each other.  Really, it’s just not easy to describe what an awesome feeling it is to see your book in print for the first time.  I then wondered how the new book would look sitting next to the first book so I grabbed a copy of the first to place it by the second.  While the covers aren’t similar so that it’s obvious they’re in the same series, I’m happy with the second cover and ready to move on to finish with the publication.  As I stared at both books side-by-side, it was then that it struck me…I’ve completed my second book!  I’ll have two published books out there and soon will be working on the third!
It just amazes me when I really think about what I’ve accomplished so far.  And I’ve done it with so much else going on in my life at the same time.  But I’m no exception to the rule.  Every writer does it.  They have to.  No one lives just to write…you also have to live your life to give your writing depth as well as a familiarity readers can relate to.
There’s no trick to it – there’s just the need to create mixed with the ability to find the time.  Most of my life I’ve minimized my passion to write but not anymore.  I’ve found the time to write two books and I will continue to find the time to create more. 
But the creation will have to wait just a bit longer.  I’ll need to hear from my beta readers with regard to their feedback and I’m reading through my own proof copy of the book to note any final edits as well.  I expect to have Best Kept Secrets available for sale in the next two weeks or so and I’ll be posting updates with a publication date once I can narrow it down better.  I’m also working on dates for the next book signings so look for updates here and on my Facebook page because I’ll be posting more information once I have dates and times confirmed, with one to take place in Tenino and the other in Olympia. 
Until then, I need to get back to focusing on the next phase towards publishing.  With that said, I’ll get back to proofing my book! 

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