Thursday, October 3, 2013

Next book signing is almost here!

Once I knew Best Kept Secrets was out there and available, I also knew I’d probably be using the month of October to take care of others tasks, which would leave my writing on the back burner for the month.
It’s a good thing I already had that mindset or I’d be going stir crazy.

I really want to get started on the third book but realistically, I need to spend time working on the business side of writing for a few weeks before I get to move back into the creative side of things in full force.  The business side of writing has kept me busy lately so I really doubt I’d be able to find good quality time to write.  This just gives me even more of a reason to join National Novel Writing Month next month so that I can get a good jump on the third book with at least 50,000 words.
But right now, I’m preparing for my first book signing for Best Kept Secrets.  I feel more excited as we near the date but then I get very nervous, certain I must be forgetting something I won’t remember until just the day before.  Or worse, I’ll have some bad dream the night before about something I feel I must remember when I wake and then *poof!* the thoughts will be gone as soon as I’m released from the world of dreams.  Of course, I doubt I’ll forget anything but that’s just the way my brain works.  It’s a good thing I keep track of everything – I can look back on past signings to make my list and check it twice.  That’s also how my brain works…lists, upon lists, upon lists!

So, for those who are local to the Olympia area (or within a relatively close distance), I’m having a book signing this month so mark your calendars if you’d like to come by to see me:
Ralph’s Thriftway on East 4th Avenue
Saturday, October 12th
11 am – 2 pm

For those who attend the signing, Ralph’s Thriftway will be offering the book at a reduced rate during the event only so don’t miss out on getting your signed copy at a decently priced rate.  Copies of No Mother of Mine will also be on hand for anyone who has not yet obtained the first book in the series.
If you know anyone who likes mysteries, don’t forget to tell them about me, the book signing and my new series.  Or, even better, the holidays are coming up...know anyone who would love to receive a signed copy of the first two books in a mystery series? 

It’s just a thought.
Have a great night!



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