Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday…a day to rest and take it all in.

I made it through another book signing.  Even with my anxiety nudging me about the ‘what if’s’ and at least one dream I had about words printed backwards in my book, it went well, the event was fun and before I knew it…the day was over. 
There was only one unexpected incident when a customer accidentally knocked over a wine bottle sitting on a nearby wine barrel.  Thankfully, the book display we had placed near the area was at an angle and far enough away so that it wasn’t struck by the spray of red wine and shards of glass but it sure did make a mess on the floor.  The manager, who I can’t say enough positive things about, kept his upbeat attitude in place as he helped to clean up the area and then he added some humor to the situation by placing this cute announcement on the floor in the middle of the ‘watch your step’ cones:


As with the other book signings – and I was wrong, this is actually my fifth event because I completely forgot to include Lakefair as a signing event – I met new people and was also able to put faces to names of those who I only knew through Facebook or some other means.  Some who stopped by had been waiting for the second book ever since they purchased the first when it came out a year ago and others were lucky enough to have only waited since purchasing the book at Lakefair in July.  I also met some readers who were either taking the book with them as they traveled back home out of state or were sending the book to someone else who lived out of state.  A few admitted to me they were buying the book, or both books, as gifts but only after they read them first (sharing is caring so that’s okay with me).  Another kind lady who stopped by had decided to purchase both books as a gift for a co-worker who is retiring on Halloween (what a great idea!). 
One funny moment was towards the end of the event when a gal ran into the store short of breath and worried she might have missed the signing because she was late after the battery in her car had to be jump started.  She was glad I was still there and that she could still purchase a signed copy of the books.  My husband, my mom and my aunt were all standing nearby as she explained what had happened with her car and then the subject changed as she was fanning through the books and happened to catch sight of the name ‘Lydia.’  She then informed us that her name was Lydia and I had to laugh when the looks on my husband’s, my mom’s and my aunt’s face all mirrored each other as they said, ‘Oh…Lydia.”  You can bet Lydia was very curious as to why all three of them commented in the same way, and with an expression she probably couldn’t quite figure out the meaning of.  I’ll be curious what her own thoughts are about Lydia after she finishes the first book.

Another great experience is over and now it’s time to move on to the next.  I’m going to continue to take a break from writing during the month of October but I’m gearing up for National Novel Writing Month when I’ll work on a draft of at least the first 50,000 words in the third book.  I’m also thinking of some ideas for my first book give-away contest – I haven’t used that idea yet but it sounds like fun so be on the lookout for a contest in the near future. 
Now that I’ve shared my thoughts on how the signing went, I’m struck by the fact that Monday will be here much too soon so I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day.  Until next time…


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