Sunday, October 6, 2013

This one is for Aunt Lana

Our family assembled together today to share memories and unite in commemoration after the loss of a very special lady.  It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially when the person leaving has touched so many in such a remarkable way.  Her children and grandchildren shared how much they loved her and what most they’ll miss about her and I really doubt there was a dry eye in the room.  The extreme sadness felt by all, as it finally hits home that her physical presence is no more, is just a true testament to how special she was to everyone and how much she will be missed. 
I’ll miss Aunt Lana for her unfailing love, her constant smile and her very unique sense of humor.  Something else I will miss about her is her love for sending cards…in the mail.  Not an e-mail, not a message via Facebook and not a text, although she was great at communicating that way as well.  But I’m talking about a real, paper card in an envelope with a stamp on it.  People just don’t do that anymore, do they?  Even better, with Aunt Lana, was the fact that you’d get a good laugh once you realized too late she’d filled the envelope full of confetti.  There were Christmas cards, of course, and birthday cards, but she’d also send cards for other holidays and ‘just because.’  She’d mail cards to say ‘thank you’ after she attended an event we invited her to take part in.  She’d mail cards to say ‘thank you’ after we attended something she invited us to.  She’d send a card to say ‘thank you’ or maybe ‘you’re welcome’ even after she received a card from us telling her thank you. 

She was just special that way. 
She reminds me of my Aunt Mariea in that regard.  I used to look for special stationary or cute cards I thought Aunt Mariea might like that I’d use to write letters with updates about our family along with the latest photos of our boys.  Even now, when I’m browsing a store and happen to see a nice stationary set or some very cute note cards, my first thought is always, “Aunt Mariea would really like those.”  

No longer getting cards from Aunt Mariea is something I’ve missed since she passed and now I’ll miss the same from Aunt Lana.  There are many reasons why Aunt Lana will be missed and while her thoughtfulness with cards is not the most important, it’s just one of the many ways she was unique and that I was fond of.  It is those simple acts of kindness, over and over again, that she put forth so effortlessly and that we were all thankful for, which made her such a special lady who will always have a place in my heart.  
I will miss you, Aunt Lana, forever and always.

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