Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking for a quick read before bed?

I'm posting on a Monday, only a day after I already posted this week.  You know something's up.

I just wanted to make it official…I’ve published my third book.  Not the third book in my mystery series but a third book, nonetheless.  The title is 1313 Psycho Path but before you ask, it’s not a horror story; it’s just a ghost story.  While it’s a short story versus a complete novel, it’s a story I wanted to share.  And for
anyone who likes a good ghost story or haunted house tale, I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy this one as well.

So how and where is the story available?

Right now, it’s available as an eBook on Amazon and also in paperback on Amazon or through my eStore.  Here are the links for whatever you’d prefer:

eBook for Kindle on Amazon for the U.S.

eBook is also available on the Amazon sites for IN, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, BR, CA, MX and AU

Paperback via my eStore

Paperbackvia Amazon 

The eBook is 99 cents (in the U.S., anyway…I’m not sure how it translates after the conversion in other countries) and the paperback is available for $5.50, or a little less depending on whether you buy it through my eStore or from Amazon.  The eBook is probably the best value for your buck, as it’s only a 12,000 word, 80 page novel, but if you enjoy reading paperbacks, the $5 price is the best I could offer based on pricing guidelines.

If you do read the book, I’d enjoy hearing from you if you have any comments regarding the story and of course, if you’d like to post a review on Amazon, I always enjoy receiving them.

I’m branching out a bit and working with a different genre so I’m excited to share this new sort of story with you.  Happy reading and have a good evening.

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