Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to continue "as-is" when the carpet is yanked out from under you.

I posted my last post for 2014 on December 28th, sharing what I had accomplished and how I had plans and ideas for what I expected to achieve during 2015. But what I did not know was that my world would turn completely upside down the following day.

In other, more truthful words, my world fell apart and will never be the same again.

On Monday, December 29th, I received a phone call mid-morning that no one ever wishes to receive...there had been an accident.  It was my Dad.  He was terribly hurt and in the one hospital in our state that leaves you with the fear that the injuries are life-threatening but also some comfort that if any doctor can make your loved one better, it will be someone there.

That first day is now pretty much a blur.  The second was about the same, as was the third, while we all clung on to every little bit of hope that a miracle would occur.

Four days later, just after the passing of the first full day of our New Year, my dad passed away.

There are so many thoughts and feelings running through me about what happened - but due to how my Dad's life was taken, I really can't express them here.  Instead, I am posting now just to share why, for a little while, I may not be expressing myself as often on my blog or even on Facebook. My emotions are running a fast-paced course from both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between and it's really not something I want to express here.  Eventually, I will get back to writing for others and sharing my journey again as I continue to write but for now, I feel the need to take a step back and write for myself for awhile as I attempt to heal from this terrible loss.


  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know a lot of your family and my heart is breaking for all of you. He was doing such a great act of kindness that day, it goes to show all of us that didn't really know him, what a great guy he was.
    Thoughts and prayers going out to you and all of your loved ones.

  2. Thank you, Jenice; I appreciate your kind words about my Dad, as well as your thoughts and prayers for myself and my family.