Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another goal accomplished – now on to the next one!

The proof copies of my new book, “11:11 Anna’s Awakening,” arrived the other day.  Oh, happy day - I will never tire of the feeling I get when I open a box filled with copies of my latest book!  It feels good to finally complete another book and it feels even better to hold that book in my hands, knowing that very soon it will be out there for others to read.    

For this book, I opted to use the new matte finish, rather than the gloss finish.  I really like the feeling of the book but I will likely not use it again for any books that have dark covers, and thankfully this book cover isn’t completely dark.  I found out very quickly how easy it is to mark up the covers (my son had just eaten greasy chips before he held one of my books) and I’d rather not have to place my new books under lock and key in order to preserve them before a book signing, just to keep them nice and pretty. 

I wasn’t sure whether I’d keep the original look of the cover but I decided I like it and won’t make any changes.  While I’d like to make the title of the book a little bigger, I like the mood of the photo – it’s one I took during a road trip in 2007 when we were traveling through Nebraska – and I think overall the mood, photo and colors work with the feel of the story.

After I finalize this book for publishing, it will be book number five since I first published No Mother of Mine in 2012.  Honestly, I’m surprising myself at what I’ve been able to accomplish these past three years, even with the setbacks I’ve had.  Imagine what I’ll be able to do when I’m no longer working a day job! 

Even with the constant chaos around us, we’re all capable of finding inspiration and creativity within the chaos so that we’re able to feed our creative souls.  To anyone out there who feels as if they aren’t doing what they’re meant to do or who believe the goals they aspire to accomplish are just out of reach, I have two things to say.  First, find what speaks to you and believe in yourself, not the limitations set by others around you.  And second, always remember this quote:

 “The only limits you have are the limits you believe.”  
~Wayne Dyer~ 

It’s now only a matter of days and my fifth book will be published and available so that with another goal reached, my focus can shift on to the next task.  Very soon, I will be able to check this book off my to-do list as a completed task so that I can spend more time on my next two novels, currently in progress and waiting for my undivided attention. 

Another challenge overcome and another goal accomplished…the result is a feeling I’ll always enjoy!

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