Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Year reveals a new outlook.

A New Year has once again crept upon us at lightning speed - not possible?  This sounds like an oxymoron, I suppose, but it is how the New Year hit me.  I would have usually posted at the end of the year with a positive review about the past year, goals reached and a list of my most popular posts, all while eagerly looked forward to the upcoming year.  The celebrated year in review…let’s not and say we did.  Unfortunately, I was not able to contribute much when it came to my journey as a writer and for the second year in a row, I’ve begun a New Year full of serious worries and uncertainties.  It’s not quite how I wanted to start another New Year, especially back-to-back. 

In my book, the year 2015 will never be dubbed as one of the best years, and 2016 has already shown its hand but I will say this about 2015…the year allowed me to reflect…a lot.  On what I want, what I don’t want, what I expect from myself, what I need to add to or improve in my life and also what I need to eliminate.  It has reminded me who I can count on and that control over anything, except myself, is never an absolute.  It has helped me to remember how strong I am – mentally, physically, creatively and spiritually – and it has revealed where I’ve become weak.  It has taught me that I need to continue to learn, practice and cultivate in those areas so that I don’t get stuck when life hits me hard.  

And that’s where I feel I’ve been for most of 2015…stuck.  Stuck while I waited to get through the hard times.  No one can live life feeling encouraged if they are constantly distressed about what has happened or what will happen.  That’s obvious.  You cannot hang on to the past or fear the future because in doing so you will lack what you need to live fully in the present.  We all know this, but life can sometimes hit you so hard you forget that little gem of advice. 

It took awhile but my head is finally in the present and with that comes the sheer need to create.  Not to hide from present doubts or fears, but to guarantee that when the days do get hard, I have someplace to channel my emotions…and also to continue to nurture my ideas and my creativity and promote inspiration within myself. 

This is what my reflection of the past year has revealed for me and I intend to run with it.  

Happy New Year!

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