Books by P.J. Howell


"No Mother of Mine" - Volume 1

Two mothers; two secrets revealed. 

Jorja Matthews thought she had the perfect life; until the loss of her job combined with the loss of a family member in a tragic accident leads to an unexpected turn of events. She is further shaken to the core after the decision to move back into her family home reveals the discovery of a disturbing family secret. As Jorja agrees to investigate the truth behind the disappearance of a friend’s mother, she also investigates the mystery surrounding her own family, which becomes complicated when the only family member with all the answers is now deceased. 

When best kept secrets are revealed, will the family ties that bind, unravel?

"No Mother of Mine" was a quarter-finalist in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest

"Best Kept Secrets" - Volume 2

Available in paperback and as an eBook
How far will a mother go to protect her own child?  What will a mother endure so that her own child never knows the heartbreak she has felt? 

When Jorja Matthews investigates a new murder case after gaining her private investigator license, she is certain to find out.  She discovers further evidence of a mother’s love when another case lands in her lap, right about the time a local resident has been attacked and more than one suspect is in need of Jorja’s help.  

What could make her life any more complicated than running a bookstore while moonlighting as a P.I.? Jorja will soon discover the real truth involving her father and will continuously go head-to-head with the local police in her new role as a P.I. While one will give her closure about her past, the other will only add to her confusion about her future. 

Available in paperback and as an eBook
"Ties That Bind" - Volume 3

A missing brother, mysterious notes and thefts at a funeral home…that combination alone is enough to keep private investigator and bookstore owner, Jorja Matthews, more than busy. But when the case of a missing child and a woman found murdered are added to the mix, Jorja is soon up to her neck in secrets, lies and what others will do to get what they want. Jorja does what she does best and is able to expose those secrets and reveal the lies, but what she least expects is what happens when the past comes back to confront her, and at a much more personal cost.    

There are many ties which may bind us to family, friends, and…even our enemies. Jorja is about to discover just what that might mean.

Available in paperback and as an eBook
"Cross My Heart" - Volume 4

A cold case, a neighbor dispute, a kleptomaniac cat and an ambitious reporter might be more than enough for Private Investigator Jorja Matthews to take on but she won’t get off that easy. When a friend is in dire need of help, but is unwilling to cooperate, and the neighbor dispute lands Jorja on the witness list, she finds herself more frustrated than ever. She further finds herself warding off unexpected emotions of jealously when she becomes the third wheel when her best friend, Taylor, finds a new-found friend, along with continuous conflicts with Officer Fritz who is friend as often as he is foe. 

Running a bookstore while investigating cases has had its challenges and this will be no exception for Jorja as she attempts to handle her case files as well as her emotions. 

Available in paperback and as an eBook

"11:11 Anna's Awakening"

Everyone deals with grief in their own way.  Death can bring families closer together; sometimes it can tear them apart.
Only time can heal the wounds to build stronger relationships 
and while some relationships survive, sadly, others do not.  

This is the story of two parents who suffer a great loss and 
attempt to build a new relationship with the memory of their 
loved one between them.  But as they both work through 
their grief, their relationship is threatened by many things…fear, anger, selfishness, even greed.  As husband and wife tend to their needs to survive the numbing loss, one of them must become acutely aware of these threats in order to change their fate.          

"1313 Psycho Path"
A group of teens head out for an enjoyable evening, only to find much more than they bargained for. 

A tree-lined road leads to what the stranded group of teens believe will be a house where they can get help. 

“…there have been many stories about ghostly sightings and odd happenings at that farm.  Legend now has it that every single ghost on that farm is looking for a way out…”

Do you believe in ghosts?  Or haunted houses? 

Imagine a house full of terrible memories from past events…would you dare to enter? 

Those who know the stories, whether based on facts or myth, have the choice to keep themselves out of danger.  But what about those who have no idea what dangers an old house might hold?  It is these unfortunate few who the spirits eagerly wait for…no matter how long it might take.