Friday, April 13, 2012

How do you Unwind on the Weekends?

After a long week at work, what do you do to unwind, shed off the work week and try to enjoy the time off before you have to think about putting on your worker bee hat again?

Is this what you feel like after the end of your work week?

Many spend their days off the same way, whether it’s time spent with family and friends or doing absolutely nothing but what interests them at a particular moment or catching up on chores they get behind on during the week.

Others might have something new to look forward to…maybe a wedding, or baby shower, or even the birth of a baby.  Special occasions are always a great way to spend your free time.

So what do I do to unwind?
Some who know me might think I never relax.  In all honesty, maybe I don’t until I actually go to bed to sleep.  But what others might see as constant movement is often times exactly what I need to help me relax.

Whether I write, read, work a Sudoku puzzle, put together a puzzle, work on my scrapbooks, work out in my raised gardens or rose garden, take a walk, cross stitch, or play games with my husband and my kids, all those activities and more keep me moving and thinking but are also relaxing. 
This weekend has started out with one of my favorite activities…playing board games with my family.  With my husband, my boys and two guests, we had a fun time playing both Pictionary and PayDay.  Yes, the games may sound old school but my kids actually enjoy them.

While much of the weekend will involve chores outside, I am really looking forward to it because we have been promised some great weather.  We have to enjoy it while we can, as the rain is always right around the corner.  I am making plans on what I want to do with my gardens this year so I’m excited to come up with some new ideas.  I’m also looking forward to cleaning up more of the limbs left over from our January ice storm.  That clean-up job has taken way too long.
Whether you stay busy all weekend or do nothing worth writing about the full 48 hours, I hope you get the chance to relax, take a load off, unwind, uncork, unravel…whatever best fits your results, and I hope you get to take advantage of your free time so you feel as if you’ve accomplished something, even if you didn’t do anything.

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