Sunday, April 8, 2012

Platform Challenge, Days 7 & 8

Happy Easter!  I am satisfied after a nice family dinner and I’m tired after a nice long walk to work off some of the extra calories I ate but I’m thankful for what I consider a very nice Easter holiday.

So today, I’m posting just because rather than about anything in particular. 

I know what you’re thinking…I’m slacking from the Platform Challenge.  Well, I’m taking a break, sort of, only because I’m opting out when I choose to do so.  I posted yesterday with regard to our task for Day 6 of the Platform Challenge but so that I do reveal what my tasks were for both Day 7 and Day 8, here they are:
Day 7 was to add share buttons to our blog by using a particular site at – while they might offer some analytics that I might enjoy accessing, for now I’m happy with what Blogger offers me so I’m sticking with the status quo for now. 

Day 8 was to create a LinkedIn profile.  I’m opting out of this task for the same reason I decided to wait on creating a Twitter account.  I may change my mind before the 30 days are up but for now I’m happy managing what I have while I also work on my book projects.
Now, I’d like to share with you are few sights I saw over the weekend.  I thought I’d share with photos too.

First, meet Spunky…my mother-in-law’s new dog.  I hope I got his name right…I kept confusing him by calling him Spunky, Sparky and also Chunky (his old name).
I met him for the first time yesterday and after circling around me for about five minutes, he finally warmed up to me and sat in my lap only to fall asleep.  I generally like big dogs better than small ones but his personality warmed my heart and the fact that he’s become such a good companion for my mother-in-law makes him very special in my book.

Here’s a side shot of his Mohawk…for some reason he reminds me of a Gremlin.

This next shot is what I love to see during the spring…blossoms galore.  This is a tree/plant farm near our family’s farm and I’ve always been partial to the pink blossoms.

Blossoms in Bloom

Spending time with loved ones is even better when they reside in an area with awesome views.  Here’s a shot of our State Capital:
WA State Capital

And here is one of Mt. Rainier, although the clouds above made the view a bit hazy and not as clear as it might be otherwise:

Mt. Rainier

As I said earlier, my day ended with a nice long walk after dinner.  The trails were nice, unobstructed and well-maintained.  I truly appreciate the time and effort someone has put into these walking trails.  When the trails were made, they kept in mind that hills can get tricky so these steps were a nice addition. 

I hope you enjoyed your day.  I’ll be back for more serious writing tomorrow.

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