Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Help goes a Long Way

As I stare bleary-eyed at the computer all day during work and then again in the evenings as I continue to work on the edits of my book, I find that there are times when I’m not quite sure what to write about on my Blog when it comes to my writing. 
I’m writing. 

I’m editing. 
Basically, I’m feverishly attempting to make the deadline looming ahead of me. 

I feel there really isn’t any more I can say when it comes to what I’m up to lately with my writing.  I guess I could say more but I’m very involved with the story and I worry about giving away any spoilers should I actually talk about the characters or the book. 
So…I’ve looked around for some help in the area of blogging.  While I had every intention of putting together an editorial calendar to make blogging easier, I’ve discovered I just don’t want to think that far ahead.  I would also prefer not to lock myself into any specific topic because I know there will be days when I’ll come up with other ideas about what I want to say.

This is where helping hands come in.
Where I finally found some help was on one of my favorite Blogs, the Self Publishing Team.  Toni and Shannon took the time to put together a HUGE list of prompts for authors who blog.  Really, it’s so large there are enough ideas for two posts a week for an entire year! 

*Heavy, contented sigh* 
The work has been done.  The ideas are there for the taking.  I just have to pick a prompt and start typing away.

Now, I can’t say I’d actually choose to write about every single prompt on this list but it certainly gives me enough ideas to keep my brain from completely over heating as I continue to Blog while I’m in the midst of finishing my book…or any other time when I feel I need the extra boost to help me on my way.
Getting this sort of help, as a busy working mom and author, is a treasure and I’ve decided I must put this treasure to good use.   When I do use these prompts to share my thoughts, I’ve decided to label them “Pick-a-Prompt” so you’ll know I’m working from the list.  If you’re an author, check out the list yourself if you’re in need of some blogging prompts.  If you’re a reader, I hope you’ll enjoy the prompts as I share them and if any of the prompts I choose to write about end up prompting you to share something or ask a question, please do!

Until next time…will it be live or will it be prompted?


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