Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother's Day basket
Mother’s Day is usually a busy day for me…I spend the morning with my boys and my husband, if he’s not working, before heading out the door to see all the moms in my family.  Between my mom, my stepmom and my mom-in-law, it can make for a busy day. 
This year is probably the first year I will not be running around on Mother’s Day and I have to say it’s really quite nice.  I’m enjoying a day at home with my boys and taking on whatever project tickles my fancy. 

My morning began with a nice surprise waiting for me on the front porch when I stepped outside to feed my cats...a hanging basket from my boys.  Then I had coffee and French toast made for me as a nice Mother’s Day breakfast.  I relaxed a bit afterwards with more coffee as my youngest son and I watched one of the Harry Potter movies running all weekend for Harry Potter fans.  Now, after puttering around the house a bit, I thought I’d share how the rest of my weekend went.

Baby shower gifts
Yesterday is the day I spent running around, which is more of a reason to enjoy relaxing today.  First, my mom and I drove up to Everett for my sister’s baby shower.  I haven’t seen my sister in quite some time so this was a long-awaited treat for me and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with her.  I really can’t recall the last time I attended a baby shower but it was so much fun to watch my nephew as he helped his mom open all the baby showers gifts.  Even though the gifts weren’t for him, he enjoyed it as much as his own birthday or Christmas.  He also treated us by reading the cards as best as he could but he was stumped with cards which were written in cursive…I’m certain the handwriting probably looked like a foreign language to him!

All good things must come to an end and after a nice visit, good food, tasty treats and an array of gifts to oh and ah over (baby girl clothes are so cute!), it was finally time to say goodbye.  But not for long…my sister is very, very close to having her baby and I look forward to visiting again soon so I can hold my brand new niece in my arms.

Tulalip Resort Casino
Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, my mom and I decided to spend some extra time together after the baby shower doing something we both enjoy…plunking down a bit of cash in the casino slots.  I don’t get up to that area very often anymore so it was a treat to visit the Tulalip casino after not having been there for quite awhile.  It’s a very large, beautiful casino and aside from the fact that Saturdays really aren’t the best day to visit a casino (the slots were not very kind), it’s a nice casino to visit because crowding or lack of machines really aren’t an issue.  Another positive was the air quality which, for someone who has become allergic to cigarette smoke, is something I was very impressed with because I didn’t have a reaction and didn’t smell smoke unless I was right up next to someone who had just lit up.

Water feature at Tulalip Resort Casino

But again, the fun has to end and it was time to leave for the long drive home because I still had someplace else I needed to be.  My brother’s birthday was also this weekend and I had made plans to meet my family at his house to celebrate, plus it also gave me the opportunity to see my stepmom for Mother’s Day.  After a nice drive back home with my mom, I finally made it to my brother’s where I was able to give my stepmom her gift and then spend the rest of the evening playing games with the family.  I’ll admit, by the end of the evening when we finally drove home, I was exhausted.
My Mother’s Day weekend was a busy one, which is par for the course, but it’s nice to actually relax today after such a busy day yesterday.  If you’re a mother, I hope you are enjoying your day as well doing whatever it is you wish to do. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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