Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thinking Outside the Box

I’ve scheduled my next book signing and the venue is staying true to the creative choices I have made with regard to signings so far.  I’ve yet to schedule a book signing at a book store, although it is something in the works, but so far I’ve held a booksigning in a relaxing garden setting at a local garden shop as well as a winetasting room and gift shop.  Both locations were nice settings and gave me an opportunity to sell to those who might not otherwise frequent a book signing.
My next book signing is in a location where you can not only purchase plants, spirits and gifts, but also any number of items you might need on a daily basis…a local grocery store.

Ralph's Thriftway (photo credit: Ralph's Thriftway)

This is not just any local grocery story.  It’s Ralph’sThriftway on 4th Avenue in Olympia and the local owners thrive on promoting local businesses as well as giving back to the community.  We all know how important it is to keep our local businesses afloat and it says a lot when you find a company willing to help promote new businesses in the area. 

I will admit this idea is not wholly my own.  In fact, I’ve left the sales and much of the outside promotion up to my sales manager…my husband.  He’s been in sales for 20 years and it’s just second nature to him.  Although the book business is something new, the concept of marketing and promotion is not and he’s very good at it.  While I’m stuck at a desk all day and spending my time writing and marketing on-line in the evenings and weekends, he makes regular contact with potential readers and businesses as he attempts to find any opportunity he can to promote my work and come up with new ideas to market my book.

Anytime you start a new business you’re heading for an uphill climb so I’m thankful and very lucky to have my husband’s assistance.  I’m like many authors out there; one who would rather spend time writing and not so much time marketing.  Having help when it comes to marketing and sales frees up more of my time to write.  In a recent post I bellyached a bit about wearing too many hats, which comes with the territory when you’re a full-time working mom running a side business, but I failed to mention one of the very important hats is already being shared with my husband.  I’d still like to have a personal assistant but for now I’ll just have to bide my time.
Photo credit:  Ralph's Thriftway
So we’re trying out a new way to market the book…at a market, if you will.  Can’t knock it when you have to admit one of the businesses people visit most often on a daily basis is the grocery store.  I’m certainly willing to take part in the true one-stop-shop idea.  If you’d like to attend the next book signing, here are the details: 

Saturday, March 30th
11 am to 2 pm
Ralph’s Thriftway
1908 East 4th in Olympia

For those who have already been to a signing, just wish me well and tell anyone you know who might like to attend.  For those who would like to meet me, please stop by, say hello, bring your prepaid book for me to sign or you can purchase a copy of No Mother of Mine which will be available for a special rate during the signing.  Don't forget to mark your calendar so you can stop by to visit and pick up a copy of my book while supplies last (and don’t forget to bring your grocery list). 

Hope to see you there!


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