Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Top 10 posts for 2013

We’re at the end of another year and, as I did last year, I’d like to share my Top 10 blog posts for the year.  While I’d like to think the most popular posts might give me a better idea of what readers are most interested in, I have to say it seems to be quite a variation if these posts have anything to say about it. 
Here are the Top 10 posts:
10.  A week to test my patience.  This post was written after dealing with a difficult week and I assume I must have struck a chord with others who could feel my pain.

9.  Can creative chaos be organized?  Whether you are creative, organized, creative about organizing or buried by creative chaos, if you’re like me you feel the need to get totally organized at some point or another.
8.  My Mother’s Day weekend.  I like to share about time spent with family and it would appear others enjoyed reading what I had to share.

7.  Tenino as Jorja sees it.  This post was great for those who needed to see a map of my fictional version of Tenino.
6.  My recipe for a happy marriage.  This was offered from the heart after celebrating 22 years of marriage with my soul mate.

5.  Judging by Looks?  It’s just a human trait.  I wrote this post after coming up with a cover design for Best Kept Secrets.  The cover is the first impression and very important when it comes to attracting the interest of new readers.  No matter how many years I continue to write, I believe I will never learn to stop biting my nails as I anticipate how readers will respond to the newest book cover.
4.  Why America’s Got Talent makes me cry.  Because I’m a softie and I love to see people work hard at achieving their dreams.  I believe many of you must feel the same way…or maybe you were just interested in my post because you happened to also like the show.

3.  Who made the quarter-finalist cut?  This was an extremely exciting contest for me to take part in and I was thrilled when I made the top 400 out of 10,000 entries in the mystery/thriller genre and even more thrilled when I earned my spot as a quarter-finalist as one of the top 100 in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. 
2.  Pitch Perfect.  This had the second highest amount of views and I wonder if it was because at the time there was a movie titled Pitch Perfect.  My post wasn’t about the movie but about the pitch I had to come up with to enter my book in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and how nervous I was about the whole thing. 

1.  What would we do without distractions?  This was my number one post for 2013.  I guess many of you relate to the fact that we all live with distractions in many areas of our lives and the trick is how we deal with them. 
So there’s my list of the top ten posts which seemed to draw the most interest, for one reason or another.  My top 10 for 2012 also saw a variation so I’m curious to see what readers respond to in 2014.  While I’ve only been blogging for two short years, it seems so long ago that I finally came out as a writer on December 31, 2011.  Since then I’ve published just over 200 posts on this blog, published two books, finished a short story (which was a gift for others this Christmas but will likely be on sale soon) and began writing my third novel.  Maybe it feels longer than two years because I’ve been able to do so much.  Having said that, I look forward to the coming year and I truly appreciate everyone who continues to follow me on my journey as an author.

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